Coronavirus update from the editors of the parish magazine

The Bridge July 2020 edition has been published.  It is available on the following websites to download and view online or to print off 24-hours a day.  
You can find it on A Church Near You  website for your local church.  Just click on any these links for SibseyFrithvilleCarringtonNew BolingbrokeWildmoreLangrickBrothertoftHolland Fen and Kirton Holme Churches.  It is also on Kirton Holme Church's own website.  On each site look for the 'Parish Magazine - The Bridge' tab.  Some local parish council websites have also added a link to their local church and/or added the file of The Bridge.

If you know someone who wants to see The Bridge you can forward this email to them or download The Bridge file from the webpages and either print it off or forward the file by email.  Anyone wishing to receive this email notification in future can join the emailing list on any of the nine church websites on A Church Near You.  If anyone says that they have not received this email please aske them to check their 'spam' or 'junk' email or subscribe to the emailing list.

All the websites and the Sibsey Group of Churches Facebook group are being updated weekly prior to Sunday with Reverend Clive's Morning Worship at Home Service, Sermon and other News Updates. The Church of England is broadcasting a virtual service every Sunday morning which is also available on YouTube.  Sibsey Church is open on Saturday and Sunday 10am to 2pm for individual prayer.  Services have not been restarted yet.

Please contact Reverend Clive if you need support or prayers for you, families or neighbours in these unusual times.

It is expected that The Bridge will be online again in August 2020. Changes to Government restrictions will continue to be monitored carefully and the potential risk of COVID19 transmission carefully considered. 

Keep Well and Keep Safe. 

The Editorial Team

Published: Wednesday, 1st July 2020