The Bridge - June 2022 

The Bridge - June 2022 

The Bridge June 2022 online edition has been published after an unexpected delay.  It is available on the following websites to download and view online or to print off 24-hours a day. 

Please note the forthcoming meeting to discuss the future of churches in the area at Sibsey church on Wednesday 6th July at 7pm.
You can find this edition on A Church Near You  website for your local church.  Just click on any these links to get your local church's website; SibseyFrithvilleCarringtonNew BolingbrokeWildmoreLangrickBrothertoftHolland Fen and Kirton Holme Churches.   On each site look for the 'Parish Magazine - The Bridge' tab or click on 'The Bridge' links on the homepages.  You can download the file to your computer from these websites.  This month's file size is 11MB so if you have a slow connection it may take a few minutes to download.  

Feel free to forward this message to others who may like to know The Bridge is online. Join the mailing list on the websites to be notified when the online version is published or follow on Twitter  @TheBrid05277267

The Bridge has details of local community events listed as coming up over the next few weeks dotted throughout the magazine. Dont forget to let us know about those Jubilee events coming up so they can be added to the weekly News Update on the church websites.
All the websites and the Sibsey Group of Churches Facebook group are updated weekly prior to Sunday with details of any in-person services taking place in the churches, Reverend Clive's written Morning Worship at Home Service and his weekly Reflection and topical News Updates are also added. The Church of England is broadcasting an online service from Sunday morning which is also available on YouTube and Facebook.  Please check your local church website weekly for the latest updates. 

Please contact Reverend Clive if you need support or prayers for you, families or neighbours.  Reverend Clive is also available to provide advice and support about christenings, weddings and funerals.  

Have a very Happy Easter. 

The Editorial Team